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Jet-Phen™ Black Phenolic Cue Tube

Jet-Phen™ Black Phenolic Cue Tube

Jet-Phen™ black phenolic is a jet black linen based pressed phenolic tube for cue stick making applications.

This is the blackest of the black phenolics available in today's marketplace. It has been formulated for artisan applications where the following properties are required:

• Blackness

• Machinability

• Ability to take a finish

• Adherence to glues common to the cue trade

• Strength

• Cue Stick Harmonics

Jet-Phen™ has the density, strength and durability features needed in the cue industry. This material is clean machining and has been made with a slow bath process with the blackest resin dyes available to give you the blackness & beauty desired for cue stick construction. This material also has the harmonics needed for quality cues and is sought after by America's most discriminating cue stick makers.

Shipping is $ 6 per order regardless of order size.

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