Resin-Ivory+S™ S Grade Pen Blank Stock

Resin-Ivory+S™ S grade Imitation ivory for pen blanks and game calls. Resin-Ivory™ is the highest quality imitation ivory we have seen,worked or handled - ever. Arvorin and other alternative ivories are made as a spun polyester but Resin Ivory™ is a resin based material that has greater strength and better properties for pen making.

This S grade Resin-Ivory™ has the Shreger lines in the end grain - hence the +S designation. The Shreger lines are those forming the herringbone pattern as seen in the end grain view of real ivory. This grade also has more of a quarter sawn ivory grain look to it as you turn the pen around in your hand.

The regular grade Resin-Ivory™ has an attractive grain that looks like real ivory. As one turns a pen in one's hand this imitation ivory shows side grain, flat grain and then back to side grain again. This material flouresces purple under a black light so customs agents will be able to discern it from real ivory without a problem. Both grades are very attractive and both grades have equal strength. The difference is strictly in the appearance of the end grain. Turns with ease with standard turning tools. Glues to wood with white glue and to other materials with super glue or epoxy.

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Resin-Ivory+S™ S Grade Rod 19mm Dia.(3/4") by 5"

Resin-Ivory+S™ S Grade Round Stock

19 mm (3/4 inch) round by 5 inch length.

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RES.+S19mmX5 $ 6.99
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