Bone Guitar Bridge Pins Size 2A

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5 degree tapered shaft with the diameter at the top of the shaft of .220 " and a string slot running the full length of the shaft and cutting through the

Martin guitars (see also size 2C) and Gibson guitars .

See our chart ( click here ) to help you determine the right pin size for your guitar.

Click on photos to enlarge and to see material types.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING RULES: Bone and fossil mammoth ivory sets can sell and ship internationally but pre-ban elephant (PBE) ivory cannot sell or ship internationally - US SALES ONLY - NO EXCEPTIONS and no sales to NY and NJ for PBE. Also, we do not ship abalone dot pins international because the paperwork and the permit costs exceed the value of the pins !

Additional Views

PBE Ivory 2A pins with black dot

Bone pins with abalone dot

Bone pins with faux tortoise dot

Bone pins with black dot

PBE Ivory with black dot and nut/saddle

Fossil mammoth Ivory plain head set next to inlaid head set