Fossil Walrus Ivory Guitar Pick Blank

Part # Price Purchase
FWIPB.100X1.25SQ/1087 $ 14.99

Guitar pick blanks of ancient Fossil Walrus Ivory. $ 19.99 per blank. US buyers only but no sales to NY, NJ, HI, NV, IL or CA.

Cut to approximately .100" thickness (2.5 mm). These are different - these are full cross sections of a fossil walrus tusk. These render great sound because of their density and they are oftentimes very colorful once finished and polished by hand or machine buffing. Most folks forego the shaping of these picks into the standard triangular pick shape. They usually make one end to be pick-point shape and then leave the rest of the natural shape alone. It is best to use the non-core material area for your striking point.

See our " Material Working Tips " page for info on how to work this material.

Folks finish these with very basic tools. While some folks shape them with files and sand them, other folks make a finished pick with just sandpaper! After final sanding they can be brought up to the right degree of sheen you like with any good paste wax, bees wax or furniture wax and a good hand buffing with T shirt material.

This offering is for a blank - not a finished pick.

These have proven to be a lot of fun for folks to make and they are great little gifts for fellow guitar enthusiasts as well.

Colors vary from light tan to dark brown. Each is a different shade of fossil walrus ivory!

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FWI can only sell within the US and not to the states of NY, NJ or CA.