Guitar Nut Shims -Ebony

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EBNS2@/1018+2@1019 $ 9.95

This selection contains 4 ebony (African Gaboon ebony) guitar shims. Two of them are cut at 1/16" thick and the other two are thicker at .100" thick.

This selection is ideal for those wanting to lift their guitar nut just a little bit.

One broad side of each slab is sanded very smooth for ease of gluing while the other is cut very smooth and is ready to be filed or sanded down by you to the precise thickness desired. You have two at 1/16"(1.57 mm) thick and two at .100" (2.53 mm) thick so you should be all set ! Glue one to the bottom of a nut with superglue and then file and/or sand to desired height.

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