Jet-Phen™ Black Phenolic Pen Stock 6" Rod

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JP-F6 $4.99

Jet-Phen™ black phenolic is a jet black linen based pressed phenolic solid rod. Ideal for pen accents. Once sanded and finished this material is jet black with no visible grain or patterning - you just see a shiny jet black once finished. Even in small pieces it has incredible strength and durability. This piece measures .591" diameter by 6 " length.

This is the blackest of the black phenolics available in today's marketplace. It has been formulated for artisan applications where the following properties are required:

• Blackness
• Machinability
• Ability to take a finish
• Adherence to glues common to the pen trade
• Strength

Jet-Phen™ has the density, strength and durability features needed to make pen accent pieces. This material is clean machining and has been made with a slow bath process with the blackest resin dyes available to give you the blackness & beauty needed for pen making.

This is a solid rod at .590" diameter by 6 " length.