Musk Ox Horn Tip Section

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MOX1.25+TIP $ 150.00


Musk Ox Horn Tip Sections.

Canadian Herd Musk Ox horn with all Nunavut Province Wildlife permits and export permits in use for Canadian exportation with USFWS & USDA permits from our side for legal importation into the USA.

U.S. sales only.

Affidavit of Origin sent with each purchase that identifies Canadian Export License number and Nunavut wildlife tag number. These horns are field finds of a Nunavut native hunter-trapper.

Size & Important Information:

This is the tip of a Musk Ox Horn. Scroll to see various photos. We do not photo every tip so the photos seen here are typical tips but not the self same tip you will receive. The tips are so similar in size, shape and appearance that it is not practical to photograph each tip.

Size: Each tip is cut flush and smooth and at least 5" in length. Many of them are 6 or 7 inches in length. They vary from 1.25" diameter at cut end to 1.75". Most are 1.375 to 1.5 inch diameter where cut.

This block is NOT stabilized. In order to utilize Musk Ox horn successfully one needs to have it stabilized. To stabilize you should do the following:

1) Upon receiving this Musk Ox horn you should send it in to K & G stabilizing company in Arizona to have it stabilized. Now it is ready to work.

Return Policy:

You may return your Musk Ox horn purchase for a full refund (less shipping and Paypal fees) or for another piece of equal value so long as it has not been cut or worked. Please decide upon a return within a week and email us at to let us know it is coming. Place a note in the shipment telling of the approximate date of purchase and of your email address. Returns are not a problem but constant returns are. If you regularly return items this indicates to us that you should not be in the knife business or at least should not be utilizing exotic materials and you will be dropped as a Musk Ox horn customer in our database. Returns to be sent to:

David Warther & Co.
2561 Crestview Dr. NW
Dover, Ohio 44622

Additional Views

Musk Ox Tips and Second Section Cuts

Musk Ox Tip Knife Handle

Musk Ox Document

Musk Ox Wildlife Tag