Resin Black Knife Handle Block

Part # Price Purchase
RES.BLK.1.375X1.6X5/1456PR $ 39.95

Randall Info:

If you need a block for a Randall knife then you need to have a very specific size block for the knife you are having made.

You will need to check with your Randall dealer or with the Randall shop to find out for certain what size you need. After knowing the size, you can purchase this block and then email us to tell us the specific size you want. We will cut the block to your requested size and ship it to you or your dealer. We cannot ship it directly to the Randall shop per Randall policy that all materials must go through a dealer for approval. We will need all three dimensions of L X W X Height. We can provide any size Randall block. You can email through our contact page or simply by emailing to

Non-Randall size info:

Rather than offer many size blocks we are offering this one large size block (1.375" X 1.6" Width X 5" length) that folks can work down to the size needed for their knife handle. We also offer rods that can make smaller handles and we have slabs up to 3/8" thick. For slabs needing to be thicker than 3/8" you should purchase this block and cut it to your desired thickness.