Size 2A.223 Fossil Mammoth Ivory Bridge Pins Padauk Wood Dot Inlay

Part # Price Purchase
FMIPIN-2A.223-Padauk $125.00

Size 2A.230 Fossil Mammoth Ivory Bridge Pin Set (6 pins) with Padauk wood Inlays. 5 degree .223 Dia. Unslotted set. Made in USA.

These are for Collings and Bourgouis guitars.

These are also for guitars that have extensively worn holes where these can be fitted and allow the existing bridge to stay in use rather than replace an entire bridge. 5 degree reamer may be needed to fit these into holes not large enough to accept them in the repair situation just mentioned.

These come standard as un-slotted pins. If you need them slotted just place your order and then email us through our contact page and let us know you want them slotted. There is no extra charge. Identify your order on the email by your name and city/state.