Elforyn Imitation Ivory Grip Blanks

Elforyn Imitation Ivory Gun Grip stock/panels for SAA revolver grips and Colt 1911 style grips.

While we recommend the Resin Ivory™ for gun grips we do sell Elforyn imitation ivory grip blanks as well. Elforyn white is very white and both the white and the grain have very good strength. The material is more difficult to polish than is Resin Ivory™ which is very easy to bring to a high lustre by buffing after 400 grit wet dry paper. Elforyn requires sanding through to 1200 or 2000 grit before buffing.

Elforyn is made in white with no grain and in an ivory color with grain.

We sell Elforyn but for gun grips we recommend Resin Ivory. See our home page and look under our gun grip category for Resin Ivory gun grips.