Raffir® for Randall Style Handles

Raffir® Nobel Brass and Bronze composites for Randall® Knife Handles and other hidden tang knife applications.

Raffir® Nobel Brass and Bronze composites are brass and bronze mesh wire weave beds encapsulated in translucent epoxy resins. The result is a beautiful and captivating handle material with class.

The wire mesh is woven throughout each block so the finished handle shows a number of brass and/or bronze wires meshed within the rich resin. The weave is seen throughout the block - not just on the sides.

This material is recommended for any small or medium scale product, in which aesthetics and uniqueness are important factors. The material is easily machined and can obtain a beautiful high-gloss finish by standard buffing and it also accepts a clear coat finish. Standard safety measures should be followed while working the material, and inhaling dust particles should be avoided by using local exhaust ventilation and a respirator.

We sell the blocks in one size at 1 5/8" by 1 3/4" X 5" (1.625" X 1.75" X 5"). This is done to capture the greatest beauty of the mesh in each block. This is the largest size needed for Randall handles. If you need a smaller block it is needful to cut the block down to your requested size. If purchasing for a Randall® knife please check with the Randall shop to determine the size block you need and then email us those dimensions. There is no charge for cutting these blocks to your size but we do not accept returns on custom size blocks.