Ancient Bone & Ivory for Smoking Pipes

We offer ancient fossil bone and fossil ivory slabs and pieces that can serve as parts of stems and inlays in smoking pipes.

Fossil mammoth ivory (FMI) can ship internationally but not to the US states of NY, NJ,HI, NV or CA. Fossil walrus bone (FWB) can ship to any of the 50 states except HI and NV and not internationally.

Fossil Mammoth Ivory Slab

Fossil Mammoth Ivory Inlay Slab

1/8"+ by 2.40" by 5.20" . PERFECT !!! NO FLAWS !!!

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Part # Price Purchase
FMISLABLG $ 144.95

Fossil Walrus Ivory Cross-Sections for Pipes

Cross Section of Fossil Walrus Tusk.

Approx. 1/8" X 1.00" X 1.50" (Often 1.25 by 1.5)

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Part # Price Purchase
FWISLG.125X1X1.5 $ 24.99

Mammoth Ivory Random Inlay Slabs

Ancient Fossil Mammoth Ivory Slabs

50 Grams Random Slabs

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Part # Price Purchase
FMIRANSL50G $ 74.95