Fossil Walrus

Fossil walrus ivory (FWI) inlay slabs. These are usually cross sectional slabs but sometimes longitudinal core material slabs. Each shows the beauty of the core center material of fossilized walrus tusks.

While this material is very dense it works easily with conventional tools.The material has not turned to stone. It is unearthed by natives in Alaska on private and tribal fee simple lands.

Core ivory in FWI has a very attractive look. It resembles a burl with an intense marbled pattern. In lighter cream colored specimen this looks like solidified tapioca or crushed glass.

Once you have made your purchase you can email us through our contact page to let us know if you prefer lighter colored material (cream and off white) or darker colors such as the tans and browns. Seldom are the cores as dark as the outside ring area.

Cannot sell outside the USA nor to folks in NY, NJ, CA, HI, NV, or IL.

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Fossil Walrus Ivory Cross-Sections for Inlay

Cross Section of Fossil Walrus Tusk.

Approx. .120+" X 1.25+" X 1.50+"

No sales to NY, NJ,HI, NV,IL or CA. nor outside US.

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FWISLG.125X1X1.5 $ 19.95