Ivorylike™ Melamine Cue Ferrules

Ivorylike™ Cue Ferrule blanks.

Ivorylike™ cue stick ferrules are made of a fine linen weave with pressured melamine Thermoset bonding. This material was developed with an impact resiliency for specific industrial applications that make it ideal for the impact resiliency needed in cue ferrules and joint stocks.

Our Ivorylike™ cue ferrules bond nicely with epoxies, CA and wood glues. A very strong material that is pleasant to machine. Color is an off-white ivory color.

We offer solid and tube stock ferrule blanks. Both are .562" OD (14.25 mm). The tube ferrule stock has a .250" ( 1/4" ) ID with a wall thickness of .156". Note: The tube ferrule stock is manufactured by rolling the composite linen phenolic around a mandrel. The mandrel is removed later. The solid ferrule stock is manufactured differently and undergoes greater pressure in the manufacturing process thus rendering it more dense. For cues, this provides a better hit with greater impact resiliency.

Ivorylike™ is a trademark of David Warther & Co.

Ivorylike Cue Ferrule 1" Tube

Ivorylike Single 1"+ long Cue Ferrule Blank

.250" ID and .562" OD X 1.1" Length

1.1" length Made in USA

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ILF.250ID1.1 $ 1.99
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Ivorylike Cue Ferrule 5" Tube

Ivorylike 5" long Cue Ferrule Stock

.250" ID and .562" OD X 5" + - Length

5 inch length. Made in USA

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Ivorylike Cue Ferrule 12" Tube

Ivorylike 12" long Cue Ferrule stock

.250" ID and .562" OD X 12" Length

Made in USA.

Part # Price Purchase
ILF.250IDX12L $ 17.00
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