Padauk Wood Dots, Black Dots, Faux Tortoise Dots

Padauk Wood Dots, Black Dots, Faux Tortoise Inlay Dots.

Plastic dots in 3 mm and 4 mm.

Double Laser cut dots on easy to peel off backing paper.

This material can be filed, sanded and worked as if a dense wood and then it takes any polish. These will take a buffed finish or any clear coat or waxed finish. Ideal for inlays in furniture, game calls, pens, cues, and many other items. The coloring and beauty runs throughout the dot so you do not have to worry about damaging the surface. Just work the material as if it were an inlay of wood. Turn, file and/or sand the dot in its inlay location and then apply whatever finish you like.

We searched long and hard to locate material that looks just like real tortoise. We found it and have these dots double laser cut for your fine art project. The black dots are a great solid black with no grey or specks, etc. and the padauk wood is genuine padauk wood from Africa.


Inlay Dots 3 mm or 4 mm in Black, Faux Tortoise or Padauk Wood/100 count

100 Inlay Dots in Black, Faux Tortoise or Padauk Wood.

3 mm or 4 mm Diameter.

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Part # Price Purchase
TORT3mmDOT100CT $ 34.95