Q4™ Knife Handle Blocks

The Q4 ™ advanced imitation ivory system is a high density polyester resin with ivory grain structure. The name was derived because we developed this material for 4 applications in making cue sticks where density and strength are needed properties. This made Q4 ideal for knife handle stock with the following properties:

1) Q4™ comes in two colors. The White has a subtle grain. The Hunter Orange has no grain - just solid orange.

2) Works beautifully and accepts all common finishes used in the knife trade including buffing. This material buffs to a very high gloss.

3) Glues very well with quality epoxy.

Q4™ Knife Handle Block

Q4 Resin Block

1.375-" X 1.6" Width X 5" length.

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Part # Price Purchase
Q4.1.4X1.6X5/1433 $ 49.95