Raffir® Fiber Stripes Inlay Stock

Raffir® Fiber Stripes are composite materials based on natural plant fibers encapsulated in translucent epoxy resins.The appearance seen on the surface continues throughout the block with no two blocks being the same and with a slightly changing pattern as one works into a block.

The result has unique textures with the contrast between the light natural fibers and the deep coloured semi-transparent resin.

This beautiful new material comes in a variety of colors with most Raffir® varieties coming in black, blue, green, yellow and red. This is a very good inlay material for cue and furniture application. This material is recommended for any small or medium scale product, in which aesthetics and uniqueness are important factors. Sold in blocks, this material is easily cut with a band saw into inlay slabs and then machined. It accepts a buffed or any clear coat finish and retains a high gloss. Standard safety measures should be followed while working the material, and inhaling dust particles should be avoided by using local exhaust ventilation and respirator.

Raffir® Brown Stripe Block 1" X 1.625" X 4.75"

Raffir® Brown Stripe Block

1" X 1.625" X 4.75"

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