Resin Ivory™ Sheet Grade Inlay Slabs

Resin-Ivory™ sheet grade imitation ivory for cue stick inlays.

Resin-Ivory™ is the highest quality imitation ivory we have seen,worked or handled - ever.

This material comes in three grades - "Sheet" grade, "R" for regular and "S" for the Shreger grade. All are of the same high quality but with different grain features. The sheet grade has the lace grain seen in West African ivory. The R grade has a sweep to it that has a Zebra stripe pattern. The S grade looks just like real ivory with a quarter sawn look to the grain itself.

Glues to wood with white glue and to other materials with super glue or epoxy.

Resin Ivory™ Sheet 1/4" X 10" X 10.5"

Resin-Ivory™ Sheet Grade Imitation ivory.

Sheets are approx. 1/4" X 10" X 10.5"

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Part # Price Purchase
RI..250X10X10.5 $ 44.95
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