Select Rippled Abalone Plates/Blanks for Guitar Inlay

Select Abalone Plates/Blanks.

These are Green Abalone (Haliotis fulgens) plates measuring 1 mm thick (.040") and of varying sizes and shapes.

We sell them in groups of 10 plates/blanks. Each group is fair and equal to the next with a mix of grains and features. This is exceptional stock.

Our pearl has been legally imported to the US with all proper permits, licenses and per shipment paperwork. When you purchase from us you are receiving quality product and legally imported product.

US customers only. While it is legal to sell overseas, the amount of paperwork and the per shipment permit and special license costs negates the feasibility of shipping our product internationally. 

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Select Rippled Abalone Violin Slide Plates/Blanks

10 Abalone Shell Blanks for inlay.

1 mm (.040") thickness. About 1" X 1" or larger but not much larger.

Rippled Green Abalone Pearl. Click on photo for important info.

US customers only.

Part # Price Purchase
ABVIOLINBLANKSX10/333 $ 119.95