Small & Medium Size Mammoth Ivory Knife Slabs

Fossil Mammoth Ivory knife scales and slabs in small and medium sizes with various colors and grains. Aged and seasoned material cut as matched pair for your special project.

As you look through our different size sets below you will be looking at unique offerings. The purchase you make is for the set of scales seen in the photo and described in the description. Your purchase will be for that actual set. Not one like it, but rather that actual set.

We do accept returns but not returns based on color or grain so look the photos over as they are true photos of the set you will receive. We mention this because knife makers are notorious for wanting to purchase many sets and then return most of them. When we see this as a pattern with a customer we simply no longer do business with them. Their purchases are refunded rather than sent.

Our shipping costs are $ 6 per order regardless of order size. No FMI sales to NY, NJ, CA, IL,  HI or NV. Available to all other states and nations. International buyers will be refunded the difference between actual shipping charges and what our checkout system charges.

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