Sterling Silver Wire

Sterling Silver Wire Wrap material for Violin Bows.

Our sterling silver wire is sold wrapped on 5 ounce spools and is available in .010" diameter. The metric equivalent of .010" is .25 mm. This wire has the ideal temper needed to wrap properly and snugly around violin family bows.

These 5 ounce spools have a net sterling silver wire weight of at least 5 ounces. For 1 ounce spools see our TruSilver® wire. TruSilver® wire has become increasingly popular as it simply does not tarnish! It is sterling silver but has been molecularly altered so it will not tarnish. Read more on our TruSilver® page.

Made from 100% recycled and purified silver means modern mine-free sourcing of this sterling silver wire and the TruSilver® wire.

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Sterling Silver Wire .010" Diameter 5 oz. Spool

Sterling Silver Wire on a Spool for Violin Bow Wrappings.

5 ounces minimum of fine Sterling Silver wire in .010" (.25 mm) diameter.

Proper Temper Ideal for Violin Bow Wrapping. This 5 ounce spool should wrap 15 bass bows or 20 violin, viola or cello bows.

Part # Price Purchase
AGWIRE.010X5OZ/169 $375.00