TruSilver® Tarnish Resistant Silver Wire

TruSilver® wire. This is an amazing silver wire for violin bow wraps.

 TruSilver® Tarnish Resistant Silver Wire. TruSilver® wire is Sterling Silver that has been metallurgically modified in its manufacturing process so that it is resistant to tarnish. This is not a coated wire and the metallurgical change is so slight as to not change the silver content of the wire - this is Sterling Silver!

TruSilver® has been tested for tarnish resistance and it resists tarnish 5X greater than regular sterling.

 Sterling silver tarnishes when it reacts with sulfur to form sulfides and oxygen to form oxides. Also, there is a certain percentage of our population whose body chemistry has higher sulfur levels which greatly accelerates this oxidizing process that we call tarnishing. Also, some people react to silver and are said to be allergic to the material, resulting in skin and other allergic reactions.

 TruSilver® was recently developed for jewelry applications to specifically address tarnishing problems and we requested the material in wire form with the proper temper/hardness and diameter for violin-viola-cello-bass bow applications.

 Our TruSilver® wire is .010" (.25mm) diameter sterling silver round wire and is currently available in one ounce spools.

 Made from 100% recycled and purified silver means modern mine-free sourcing of our sterling silver wire.

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TruSilver Tarnish Resistant Sterling Silver Wire .010" Diameter 1 oz. Spool

TruSilver Tarnish Resistant Sterling Silver Wire on a Spool.

1 ounce of fine Sterling Silver wire in .010" (.25 mm) diameter.

Ideal temper for Violin Bow Wrapping. This one ounce spool should wrap 3 bass bows or 4 violin, viola or cello bows.

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TRUAG.010X1OZ/170 $79.95