Unusual Inlay Stock/Bone/FMI, FWI, FWB, Dots, etc.

We provide fossil mammoth ivory and fossil walrus bone parts and inlay slabs for cue stick making.

Both materials are from Alaska. These unique materials are found by natives on private, state and native lands.

Fossil mammoth ivory (FMI) is legal to sell and ship internationally and within the USA except to the states of NY, NJ,IL, HI and CA.

Fossil Walrus Bone (FWB) is legal to sell and ship within the 50 states except to Hawaii and it cannot sell/ship beyond the US.

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Pearl Inlay Diamonds

Mother of Pearl Diamond inlays. $ 1.75 each.

1/16 " thick X 9/16 wide X 1.25 long.

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Part # Price Purchase
MOP1/1039 $ 1.75

Bone Inlay Slab 1" by 6"

Bone Inlay Slab. .110 " X 1" X 6 "

Quality bone slab for inlay work

Meets all USDA & USFWS standards for US import and use.

Part # Price Purchase
BPK1X6INLAY $ 7.00

Bone Blank 1/2" + Square X 5" length

Bone Blank

1/2" + Square by 5" length

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BSQSTK.5SQX5/1052 $ 19.95

Guitar Fretboard Inlay Dots 3 mm or 4 mm in Black or Faux Tortoise/100 count

100 Inlay Dots in Black or Faux Tortoise

3 mm or 4 mm Diameter for Guitar Fretboards

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Part # Price Purchase
TORT3mmDOT100CT $ 29.95

Fossil Mammoth Ivory Inlay Slab

Fossil Mammoth Ivory Inlay Slab

1/8"+ by 2.40" or more by 4.7" or more. NO FLAWS !

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FMISLABLG $ 144.95

Mammoth Ivory Random Inlay Slabs

Ancient Fossil Mammoth Ivory Slabs

50 Grams Random Slabs

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FMIRANSL50G $ 74.95

Fossil Walrus Jawbone

Fossil Walrus Jawbone

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US Sales Only.

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FWJB1.6LB $ 49.95