Bone & Ivory Guitar Strap Buttons

Guitar strap buttons of bone or fossil ivory for folks who want a totally tricked out guitar. Our bone and fossil ivory guitar strap buttons are made here in our Dover, Ohio shop and are of the highest quality. We make these in bone and fossil mammoth ivory (FMI). No FMI sales to NY, NJ or CA states.

These are highly polished pieces and are available in plain head (no inlay) or with a black dot, abalone dot, Padauk wood or faux tortoise dot inlay. The dots are 4 mm in diameter.

Please note these bone and ivory guitar strap buttons are Made in USA - right here in our shop in Dover, Ohio by a fastidious American craftsman who enjoys making great pins and strap buttons! The geometry and high quality workmanship is the same on the bone parts as on the ivory parts.