Buffalo Horn Guitar Saddles

Black Buffalo horn guitar saddles are requested by some people who prefer the tone that buffalo horn provides in these applications. This is water buffalo horn that has met all USDA and USFWS requirements for import and use in the United States. This is important - no need to get anthrax because of some non-attentive importer.

The problem with buffalo horn nuts and saddles is that they are usually cut overseas and are almost always cut so poorly as to negate their use as a nut or saddle. We have solved that problem. We purchase the horn material as larger stock and do the precise cutting right here in our shop in Ohio. You receive fully useable blanks - each one will work out ! Some saddles warp slightly after we precisly cut them to proper thickness. If you receive a slightly warped saddle you will find that it will work fine and even snug itself into position in the saddle slot after you have it shaped.

Our saddle offerings in this category are few but yet we have what you could possibly need for saddle blanks.

Bone and ivory pins look great with horn saddles nearby so see our selection of high quality, made in USA, bone and ivory bridge pins on our main menu.

Buffalo Horn Guitar Saddle Blank 1/8"

Buffalo horn guitar saddle blank.

1/8" X .450" X 4.25" (3.2 mm X 11.42 mm X 108 mm)

Meets all USDA & USFWS requirements for import and use in USA.

Part # Price Purchase
BH.125X.450X4.25 $ 5.00

Buffalo Horn Guitar Saddle Blank 3/32"

Buffalo Horn guitar saddle blank for Martin Style Guitars that take a 3/32"
thick saddle.

3/32" X .450" X 4.25" (2.4mm X 11.42mm X 108mm)

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Part # Price Purchase
BH.110X450X4.25 $ 5.00

Buffalo Horn MartinĀ® 3" Shaped Saddle

Buffalo Horn Style 3 inch shaped saddle.

3/32" X .450" X 3.0" (2.4 mm X 11.4 mm X 76 mm) Top radius of 16 inches (407 mm).

Exacting profile of Martin short saddle.

Meets all USDA & USFWS requirements for import and use in USA.

Part # Price Purchase