Guitar End Pin Plugs of Ebony & Ivory

For those of you who have just removed the pickup from your guitar and are wondering how to cover the big hole in your end block, this is the answer.

Up to this point the only options were to leave the end pin jack of your pickup or use a 2-part metal button.

If you'd rather keep the traditional look of your guitar, Bob Colosi has designed a new end pin plug that will fit in the existing hole and keep your instrument looking as unmodified as possible.

More information:

- Nearly all pickups are installed by reaming the end block to 1/2" This ebony plug is machined to 1/2" and can be sanded as necessary if your hole is a bit smaller. If your hole is reamed slightly oversize, (or was aggressively reamed) the plug can be wrapped with a layer of your average clear tape and it will increase the diameter by .004" for each layer.

- The plug section is .800" long and will firmly support your guitar and not damage the end block.

- The end pin plug should be glued in place with a small amount of wood glue. If you want to remove it at some point it can be gently tapped out from the inside. If you want to make it permanent you can cover the plug's shaft with glue. At this point however you'll need to drill and re-ream the hole if you want it removed.

- This device is created with a .620" skirt which is designed to cover the impression sometimes made by the washer used in the end pin jack of your former pickup.

Ebony plugs are available with three head options: no inlay, abalone inlay or mother of pearl inlay.

Mammoth Ivory Plugs are available with 5 head options: no inlay, abalone inlay, black dot, Padauk wood or faux tortoise inlay. We recommend plain head on fossil mammoth ivory because the end grain is so pretty.