PRS® Style Drop In Saddles

PRS® size drop-In saddles of four materials:

1) White Bone
2) Vintage Golden Color Bone
3) Fossil Mammoth Ivory
4) Fossil Walrus Ivory

The saddles we make are expertly machined and finely sanded smooth for a Drop-In or a nearly Drop-In experience. The saddles are just a few thousandths of an inch over industry standard thickness so they usually just drop right in. These have the exacting shape and identical radius as PRS®
original saddles.

These are finely machined and sanded very smooth to within a few thousandths of an inch of correct thickness.

Made in our Dover, Ohio shop. These are nice and the price is right !

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PRS® Drop In White Bone Saddle

PRS® Style White Bone Saddle Ready Blank

Exacting profile of PRS® Style Saddle

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