PRS® Style Drop In Saddles

PRS® size drop-In saddles of four materials:

1) White Bone
2) Vintage Golden Color Bone
3) Fossil Mammoth Ivory
4) Fossil Walrus Ivory

The saddles we make are expertly machined and finely sanded smooth for a Drop-In or a nearly Drop-In experience. The saddles are just a few thousandths of an inch over industry standard thickness so they usually just drop right in. These have the exacting shape and identical radius as PRS®
original saddles.

These are finely machined and sanded very smooth to within a few thousandths of an inch of correct thickness. They have the proper radius on the top but the tops are not compensated nor rounded. These are what most original manufacturer saddles are - a top that has a radius that is not rounded over or compensated.

Made in our Dover, Ohio shop. These are nice and the price is right !

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PRS® Drop In White Bone Saddle

PRS® Style White Bone Saddle Ready Blank

Exacting profile of PRS® Style Saddle

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BSPRSEXACT/1016F $ 19.95