Vintage Bone Guitar Nut Blanks

Unbleached-Vintage bone guitar nuts. This vintage bone is sought after by folks wanting a bit of an antique or "old time" look. The bone we offer is oxen bone from the Middle East. This bone has minimal porosity and a great appearance. All of our bone parts have been fully treated in accordance with USDA health standards so you do not have to worry about cleanliness and health issues associated with this material. Its density and minimal porosity are features that yield good intonation and clarity.

Let's keep this real simple. There are 3 size nuts for guitars and all are oversize on height and length for ease of working:

1) 1/8" Thick Nut Blanks for Fender Guitars.

2) Small Standard Nut Blanks. These are slightly less than 1/4" thick and are for Gibson, Taylor and many other Guitars.

3) Large Standard Nut Blanks. These will finish at 1/4" thickness and are for Martin Guitars and many others.

If you are uncertain if you need a small or a large then you should get a large as it will work for either one.

On our main page you will also see categories showing shaped " Ready-Nut Blanks " as well as oversize blanks.

1/8" Fender® Size Vintage Bone Nut Blank

Vintage Bone Guitar Nut Blank. Fender® Size.

1/8" X .375" X 2" (3.2 mm X 10 mm X 51 mm)

Fender Style Vintage Bone Nut Blank for Fender® style guitars and basses.

Part # Price Purchase
VBFNBL/1010 $ 3.95

Small Standard Vintage Bone Nut Blank 1/4" -

Small Standard Size Vintage Bone Nut Blank.

.225"+ X .470" X 2.2" (5.7 mm X 12 mm X 55 mm)

Vintage Bone Nut blank to fit Gibson®, Taylor® and other guitars taking a nut that is smaller than 1/4" thick.

Part # Price Purchase
VBSNBL/1003 $ 3.95

Large Standard Vintage Bone Nut Blank 1/4" +

Large Standard Size Vintage Bone Nut Blank

1/4 " X .470 " X 2.2 " (6.4 mm X 12 mm X 55mm)

To fit Martin® and other guitars requiring a 1/4" thick guitar nut.

Part # Price Purchase
VBNBL/1004 $ 3.95