White Bone Guitar Saddle Blanks

White bone is the traditional choice for making nuts and saddles on quality instruments and it is by far the most popular. While it is white there are subtle color variations that add to the beauty of this natural material.

On this page we offer white bone guitar saddle blanks. Oversized on all dimensions to grant artisans the leeway needed to create the right part.

Let's keep this real simple. There are 2 sizes of guitar saddles and both are oversize on height and length for ease of working:

1) A thin saddle at 3/32" thickness. These are for Martin guitars.

2) A 1/8" thick saddle blank for almost all other brands.

On our main page you will also see categories showing drop in saddles as well as of oversize blanks.

3/32" Martin® Saddle Bone Blank 4.2 inch

Martin® Saddle Bone Blank 4.25 inch

3/32" X .470" X 4.25" (2.4mm X 12mm X 108mm)

This blank will make any length Martin® saddle needed. It is Martin® thickness and long enough to make any length saddle required.

Part # Price Purchase
BSMAR4.2BL/1005 $ 3.95

1/8" Bone Saddle Blank 4.2 inch Length

1/8" Thick Bone Saddle Blank 4.25 inch length

1/8" X .470" X 4.25" (3.2 mm X 11.9 mm X 108 mm)

This Saddle blank will fit any guitar taking a 1/8" saddle. This is just about everything except Martin® saddles. This is your size for Taylor®, Gibson®, etc.

Part # Price Purchase
BSBL/1006 $ 3.95