25 Bone Saddle Blanks 1/8"

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BS25CT.125 $ 77.00

25 bone saddle blanks .

White bone saddle blanks will fit virtually any guitar out there.

1/8 " X .470 " X 4.20 "
( 3.2 mm X 11.9 mm X 107 mm )

The bone saddle blanks in this offering are bleached but these photos are of unbleached so folks can see the difference. To see what the bleached one's look like see the offering for the 3/32" thick saddles on this " Specials " page . If you want unbleached please make this purchase and add a note during checkout that you desire unbleached.

Cut at 4.2 inch length so they can be used on any instrument that accepts a 1/8 inch thick saddle. This is a one size fits all saddle and is very popular.

Meets all USDA & USFWS standards for US import and use.

To compliment these parts see our selection of high quality, made in USA, bone and ivory bridge pins.

Additional Views

25 Bone Saddles for 1/8 " slot

25 Bone Saddles for 1/8 " slot