Band Saw Blades 32 TPI

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TKB93.5X32TPI $29.95 each

.025" X .250" X 93.5 inch Band Saw Blade. 32 TPI cut. This is a smooth cutting thin blade that fits 14 inch Delta/Rockwell, Jet, Grizzly, Rikon, Sears Craftsman, Steel City 50100, Reliant, Enlon, Star, Woodtek, Bridgewood, General, saws. Check your owner's manual for correct length. This is 93.5 inch length. We do not provide blades of other lengths - sorry.

Carbon steel flex blade stock.

Quality assured to ISO 9001 and certified to Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001.

These blades are welded here in Ohio and shipped to you via priority mail. Orders ship within 24 hours, usually within 12 hours.

Blade installation instructions: To set a blade right you should start by backing off the blade riding bearings (top and bottom both) behind the blade and you should back away your blade guides. Get the blade on the machine and tension it up. Run the blade by hand several revolutions to be sure it is tracking in the middle of the rubber tires. Then bring your guides (top and bottom set both) in to snug up against the blade with no wiggle room. Then bring the bearing in from the back - top and bottom bearing both. The bearing should not run when the saw is running but should run the instant you start cutting material. Do all of this with this in mind - that the back of the blade should be lightly touching the bearings and the sides of the blade should be snug against the blocks (guides) but the teeth should be in front of the guides at all times and when cutting to be just barely in front of the guides. If the teeth slip into the steel guides you will take the set off the teeth and the blade will be ruined.

US Sales only.