Black Horn SAA Revolver Grip Blanks

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BHSAA/1417 $ 59.95

2 slabs Black Water Buffalo Horn grip blanks for SAA grips..

.600"+ X 2.35" X 4.75" minimum dimensions each slab. Most are larger. The tops are crowned and are .600" thick at the apex or thicker - most are closer to 5/8". They are 2.35" in width and 4.75" in length. When doing a grip layout the grips lay at an angle for proper grain orientation and maximum use of the blank. These blanks are plenty large enough to make any SAA, Bisley, Vaquero, etc. . All slabs are polished and are ready to go. These are nice!

Meets all USDA & USFWS standards for US import and use.

Black horn takes a great polish and holds up very well under use.