Bone Piano Keys 2 piece 52 count set

Part # Price Purchase
BPK2PC52CT $ 340.00/set

White bone key tops. Set contains 52 bone heads, 50 bone tails, and two wide bone tails.

This 52 count piano set is ideal for folks who desire a natural material that is an alternative and less expensive material to ivory. The heads are a full 1 inch by 2 inch and the tails are .600" + by 4 inches. The wide tails (A & C key) are a full 1 inch by 4 inch. A few extra keys included at no extra charge.Thickness will vary slightly from piece to piece with most being .110" thick.

Bone is ideal for folks who desire a natural white top material yet who wish to avoid ivory. Bone has a look and feel that differs from ivory and many players and owners like this look and feel better.

Quality bone keytops that are bleached and properly treated to US import requirements for health and veterinary standards USDA & US Fish & Wildlife.

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