Jet-Phen™ Black Phenolic 1.375" OD Tube

Part # Price Purchase
JP-BT.600ID12/1406 $44.95

Jet-Phen™ black phenolic is a jet black linen based pressed phenolic tube with a 1.375" OD and a .600" ID and of 12" length. We may cut the tube into 2 six inch pieces for ease of shipping.

The smaller than standard ID allows the artisan to bore the ID to the desired thickness for true-ness and for a clean glue surface or for threading.

• Blackness
• Machinability
• Ability to take a finish
• Adherence to glues common to the cue trade
• Strength

Jet-Phen™ has the density, strength and durability features needed in the bagpipe industry. This material is clean machining and has been made with a slow bath process with the blackest resin dyes available to give you the blackness & beauty needed for bagpipe construction.