PPSU Turning Rod 5/8" Diameter X 6" Length

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CFK.625X6.0/1231 $11.95

This is an ultra high strength PPSU.

This PPSU material will not break, chip or shatter. Its strength and physical properties defy belief - it must be tried to be believed. PPSU's are advanced materials where the strength and other properties are the result of unique molecular bonding between the materials component elements. This is unlike Thermosets where a resin reacts to heat and then bonds with paper or cloth layered in the resin.

Weight: A .625" diameter piece that is 6.040 inches long weighs 42 grams or 1.5 ounces.

The color is an off white. This material can be finished as you like. It will finish by sanding to a flat egg shell matte finish and then you can develop any degree of polish up to a high gloss sheen by burnishing and buffing.

Made in USA.