Red-Brown Bone 1/2" Pen Blank

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REDBONE.5DX5/1421 12.95

Reddish Brown Dyed Bone pen Blanks or Pen accent piece stock material. These round blanks are 1/2" diameter plus or minus and they are 5 inch length. Most are 1/2" or larger and I have found only a few that are .475" to .500". It is possible for some to be smaller but all are large enough for the typical game call mouthpieces.

The red-brown dye goes all the way through the bone so these finish up with a great amber color. See our " Tips for Artisans " page for info on turning and polishing bone and ivory.

The bone is camel bone that has been treated in accordance with all USDA processes for import and use in the USA.

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Brown Bone Game Call Mouthpiece Blank