Resin Ivory 1911 Grips Standard Size/Cut

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RI1911FINSTD/1300 $ 99.00

Photo to left shows exacting profile and shape of your grips. Photo below shows the grain patterning of your grips. The color of Resin Ivory is the color of what is seen in the photo to your left or perhaps a little darker and has the grain seen in the photo below.

Resin-Ivory™ finished and highly polished 1911 grips. Resin Ivory™ is the highest quality imitation ivory we have seen,worked or handled - ever.

These are our most popular Resin Ivory™ 1911 grips. This is the standard size ivory 1911 set of grips without any medallions - these are beautiful sets of matching Resin Ivory grips that will fit Colt 1911 and Colt 1911 clones. This a partial list of pistols these grips will fit on: Colt, Kimber, Springfield, Ed Brown, Uselton, Volkmann, Dan Wesson, S & W, Wilson, STI, etc. and MOST all of the 1911 Full Size Government Model clones. These are approximately 4 ¼ inches overall length and about 1 ½ inches wide. These are slightly over ¼ inch thick along the center line.

These are highly polished and finished ivory 1911 grips made by our custom grip maker of Resin-Ivory+S™ S grade material. All of our grips are Made in USA and are precision made to exacting industry standards. These are not mass produced grips. They are constructed individually, using original factory grips and blueprint line drawings as a reference and are highly polished finished pieces. The ones pictured are an example as we sell a lot of grips so it is not feasible to take a picture of every set, but we assure you, the ones you will receive are of the same high quality. Our grip maker fits each ivory set to an actual 1911 to assure fit and function.

The grips we make for 1911 style pistols are made of the S grade Resin-Ivory™. This is the highest grade with the quarter sawn look of real elephant ivory. This S grade also shows the end grain feature of real ivory with the Shreger lines - hence the "S" designation. The Shreger lines form a herringbone or diamond patterning in real ivory and our Resin-Ivory+S™ has this same grain feature. This S grade has a quarter sawn ivory grain showing on the face of each grip. The S material is the ultimate in ivory grip replication with a non-ivory material.

This material is also the best imitation ivory we have scrimshawed. There is no squishiness when scriming and there is no bleeding of the ink into unwanted areas as seen on other imitation ivories. It looks like real ivory, has the high gloss of real ivory and scrims like ivory!

With these grips you can dress up your favorite 1911 and have confidence when firing it that the grips will hold up.

No-Problem return policy: It is rare but on occasion a set of grips will not fit on a particular frame. If for this or ANY other reason whatsoever you can return the set for a full refund less shipping cost. We are easy to work with on this and you will have no argument from us and you do not even have to give us a reason as to why you desire to return them. Just pack them up and ship them back with a note containing your phone number, your address and the approximate date of purchase. Once we receive them we will verify they are undamaged and send you a full refund. When you send them back, drop us an email so we will know to expect them. You are dealing with a life member NRA seller who treats customers right.

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