Resin-Ivory+S™ Cue Stick Butt Cap Rod 38mm dia. by 12"

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RES+S.38mmX12 $ 79.95

Resin-Ivory+S™ Top grade Imitation ivory for cue stick butt caps. Resin-Ivory™ is the highest quality imitation ivory we have seen, worked or handled - ever. This material glues well with industry standard glues and has an excellent hit for ferrules and joints.

This Resin-Ivory+S™ grade has the Shreger lines in the end grain - hence the +S designation. The Shreger lines are those lines forming the herringbone pattern as seen in the end grain view of real ivory.

Resin-Ivory™ has an attractive grain that looks like real ivory. As one turns a cue in one's hand this imitation ivory shows side grain, flat grain and then back to side grain again. This material flouresces under a black light so customs agents will be able to discern it from real ivory without a problem.