Size 2A.223 Bone Bridge Pins Plain Head

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BNPIN-2A.223-PL $ 39.95

Made in USA - made right here in our shop in Ohio. The size 2A.223 pin is .223" diameter at the top of the tapered shaft and it is an unslotted set.

PIN SIZE 2A .223 :

5 degree pin with .223" diameter at the top of the tapered shaft. For Collings (after 2002) and Bourgeois Pantheon guitars. These are 3 thousandths of an inch larger in diameter than the standard size 2A pins so they are also ideal for folks needing a larger 2A because their 2A pin fits sloppy. These come standard as un-slotted pins. If you need them slotted just place your order and then email us through our contact page and let us know you want them slotted. There is no extra charge. Identify your order on the email by your name and city/state.

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