Drop-In Guitar Saddles Bone & Fossil

We offer drop-in saddles.

Each material has its own unique acoustical properties and so each has its' place in the world of guitars based upon the sound one desires to elicit from a given instrument. Bone renders a good clear and bright sound. Fossil mammoth will mellow out a harsh instrument and Fossil walrus ivory will render the tonal quality closest to elephant ivory. You can select from the product categories shown to the right.

The saddles are expertly machined and finely sanded smooth for a Drop-In or a nearly Drop-In experience. The 1/8" thick saddles are just a few thousandths of an inch over 1/8" so they usually just drop right in. They have been given the proper radius according to make/model.

The Martin thickness saddles are machined and finished smooth to .105" - .110" thickness - the most seen thickness for a perfect drop-in. We make Martin drop in saddles in the standard 3 inch length and in the Martin long thru saddle length of 4.2 inches.

These are finely machined and sanded very smooth to within a few thousandths of an inch of correct thickness. Length will be very close to the length mentioned for each offering. We do not accept returns based on the saddle being 1 to 2 mm shorter or longer than listed size. Saddles have always been known for length variations.  We do not make compensated saddles at this time.