Horse Hair for Violin, Cello and Bass Bows

Our violin family bow horse hair is imported directly from China where the best bow hair originates.

Our House Label Brand of hair, like our Select Mongolian hair is "Trusted Source" hair. We have developed strong working relationships with select suppliers of Chinese horse hair. Our suppliers are knowledgable of the quality of the hair needed for bow making and they work within our strict quality control standards.

We extend a limited offering of quality hair. We do not offer a wide variety of varying grades as seen with other vendors where the customer is left with more questions than answers in what grade of hair to purchase. We offer our House Label Brand, Select Mongolian and Black Hair.

We offer top quality bow hair at the best prices. House Label hair is very good hair at an excellent value. Select Mongolian is just that - a very select grade of fine Mongolian Hair. Our black hair serves our customers for inexpensive applications.

Each bundle contains 1 pound of hair.