Jet-Phen™ Double Black Phenolic Tube

Jet-Phen™ black phenolic is a jet black linen based pressed phenolic tube.

This is the blackest of the black phenolics available in today's marketplace. It has been formulated for artisan applications where the following properties are required:

• Blackness

• Machinability

• Ability to take a finish

• Adherence to glues common to the turning trade

• Strength

Jet-Phen™ is a double black phenolic that is made with black thread and a black resin. It has the density, strength and durability features needed for black accent pieces in turning. This material is clean machining and is tough as nails. When your turning is complete and this material is finished, all you see is black. This is the best turning stock available to give you the blackness & beauty desired for turning ornamental trim work.