Q4™ Advanced Imitation Ivory

Q4™ Advanced Imitation Ivory

Seen in the above photo are the three grades of Resin ivory we make. The one on the left is Q4. The center one is our +S Grade Resin ivory and the one on the right is our R Grade Resin Ivory.

The Q4™ system is a high density polyester resin with ivory grain structure. This is white as compared to our Resin Ivory which has the color of 30 year old aged ivory - a cream color.

This is also stronger and denser than our Resin Ivory.

Glues very well with quality epoxy such as the West System epoxy. There are no bonding issues.

Available in 14mm (9/16"), 26mm (1") and 34mm (just under 1 3/8") diameters.