Q4™ Complete Imitation Ivory Cue System


Q4™ Complete Imitation Ivory Cue System.

The Q4™ system is a high density polyester resin with ivory grain structure that works for all 4 of the original applications where real ivory was used in cues back in the day.

1) Ferrules.

2) Joints.

3) Butt Caps.

4) Inlay Material. 

This material has been tested by top cue makers who have been very impressed with this new material. This is not the Resin Ivory we have sold for years. We realized that our resin material needed to be improved for the cue trade and after a good deal of work we have this new and much improved high density resin. This is 25% more dense than our old resin and it is much stronger and tougher.

A) New color - this is white and it has grain.

B) Great hit with powerful impact resiliency and superior strength. No chalking. Burnishes to the degree of polish desired from matte to high gloss on ferrules.

C) Machines beautifully for any part needed and accepts all common finishes used in the cue industry.

D) Holds up to the abuse of players.

E) Clean cut-outs on inlay stock.

F) Glues very well with quality epoxy. West System epoxy was used in the initial testing and it bonded very well. There are no bonding issues.

This material should be here in late November 2021 and will be sold in ferrule, joint, and butt diameter rod stock and we will have it in slabs for inlay as well as in point square stock.