Resin-Ivory™ Finished 1911 Grips

Dave Warther's Resin-Ivory™ imitation ivory finished 1911 gun grips. Resin Ivory™ is the highest quality imitation ivory we have seen,worked or handled - ever.

 The grips we make for 1911 style pistols are made of the S grade Resin-Ivory™. This is the highest grade with the quarter sawn look of real elephant ivory. This S grade also shows the end grain feature of real ivory with the Shreger lines - hence the "S" designation. The Shreger lines form a herringbone or diamond patterning in real ivory and our Resin-Ivory+S™ has this same grain feature. This S grade has more of a quarter-sawn ivory grain showing on the face of each grip.

 The S grade looks like real ivory but it fluoresces a rich purple color under a black light so customs agents will be able to discern it from real ivory once they check it. The S material is the ultimate in ivory grip replication with a non-ivory material.

 This material is also the best imitation ivory we have scrimshawed. There is no squishiness when scriming and there is no bleeding of the ink into unwanted areas as seen on other imitation ivories. It looks like real ivory, has the high gloss of real ivory and scrims like ivory!