Resin Ivory™ Key Tops

Our key tops are made from our Resin Ivory+S™ material. These tops have grain just like real ivory and have the feel of real ivory as well. The tactile effect of real ivory with its ability to absorb moisture (finger perspiration) is found in this Resin Ivory+S™ material. The finished color of these tops is that of 30 year old evenly aged real ivory with just a slight golden color emanating from the beautiful grain.

The key tops we sell are cut and sanded smooth one side. A high quality white glue (PVA) will hold this material very well to wood or to glue wafers although glue wafers are not needed with this material. They are sanded one side but not polished. Final hand sanding and polishing is part of the application process. See our "Material Working Tips " page to read about how to sand and polish this material.

We sell these key tops individually so any number can be bought for piano, organ or harpsichord applications. We offer them in 60/1000 thick (.060") and 100/1000 thick (.100").