Model 1938

By 1930 the depression had impacted the life of Mooney as it had everyone in America. With customers no longer being able to afford ivory, a decade long series of ebony handled knives were made with many being made between 1938 and 1941.

The Model 1938 today is fitted with ebony wood handles. The bolsters and liners are of Nickel Silver. This has been the traditional bolster material since these knives were first made over a century ago. The beauty of Nickel Silver is that it develops a satin finish over time as it gradually takes on micro-scratches from handling. This feature of developing its own satin sheen from the original high gloss is natural and is to be expected of this time honored material. The pocket worn look and feel of Nickel Silver is an earmark of the Warther pocketknife.

The box for the Model 1938 is of oak. 

The knife measures 3.75" long when folded and 6.75" when unfolded.

David Warther Knives Model 1938 Ebony

David Warther Knives Model 1938 with ebony wood handles.

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DW1938EB $ 700.00