The Mini Rivet. 1/16" Diameter Pocket Knife Handle Rivets

The Mini-Rivet.

Miniature Rivets for Pocket Knife Handle work.

These stainless steel rivets are 1/16" shaft diameter and with a total length of 3/16". The head diameter is .100" (100/1000th) and the head angle is the industry standard 100°.

These are perfect miniature rivets to hold scales to a pocket knife liner. The hole in the liner and the scale should be drilled with a # 52 drill bit. The liner to be countersunk to accept the rivet head with a 100° countersinking tool available at MSC or other standard tool supply houses.

Holds very well in liner material that is .025" (25/1000th) thick or thicker. This Aircraft quality rivet gets the job done perfectly and with little effort.

The stainless swells laterally when peened and has excellent crowning as well. Most knife makers utilizing this rivet do not even countersink the handle material given the tight hold from the lateral swell of this rivet.

Works well in all handle material and with stainless, nickel silver, brass and other metal liners.

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The Mini-Rivet. Pocket Knife Handle Rivets.

Approximately 50 Mini-Rivets. 1/16" Diameter X 3/16" Length Stainless Steel Rivets.

Aircraft quality precision rivets. 100° rivet head.

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Approximately 50 Mini-Rivets in our 4.7g bag.

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4.7Gr..062Rivets $ 19.95