Violin Bow Screws and Eyelets

Violin Bow Parts Screws and Eyelets.

Our violin screws and eyelets are made by Paulus GmbH of Germany. Paulus has been recognized worldwide as the leading manufacturer of violin bow parts and they have maintained this leadership position by setting the standard in quality for generations.

We serve the North American violin bow parts market as Paulus' official US representative. These are the finest German made parts that have been manufactured with precision and care. The parts are precisely machined of the highest quality materials - everything is done right in the Paulus shop and we bring these high quality parts to you with efficient shipping from our Ohio shop.

About the Materials:

We offer the screws in steel, stainless steel and titanium. The steel is durable while the stainless is even more so. The titanium offers the ultimate in strength  and gives us a lighter weight. Each titanium screw is 1 gram lighter in weight than the steel screws.

Our eyelets are of brass or bronze. Bronze is much stronger and more corrosion resistant than brass. Also, bronze is harder and more abrasion resistant than brass. Linked with stainless steel screws, these screw sets will last many years.

About the threads:

It wasn’t until 1841 that the first thread standard was introduced by Sir Joseph Witworth, and not until 1857 that this standard had sizes that went down to sizes that could be used in bows.

In the 1860’s, the American John Sellers introduced another standard that was the basic for what is now the UNC/ UNF and the metric ISO thread form. These thread forms are best suited for a general purpose fastener. The 60 degree combined angle gives high friction, helping resist threads working loose, and the rough cut threads and sharp edges aren’t a problem since the fastener is not tightened and loosened every day.

What is needed in a bow is a thread form for repeated lateral transport, with steep angles for low friction and polished rounded crests and valleys, to avoid cutting into the softer metal of the eyelet when the screw and eyelet become out of alignment with each other. We feel confident that our new bow screws are the right thread form for the job and will also still be in service 200 years from now.

Our new eyelets, in addition to being made of the finest material also have tapered male threads to aid in the starting of the eyelet into the frog, as well as having a centered dimple to be used with a tap guide.