Fossil Mammoth Ivory Nut Blanks

Fossil mammoth ivory for guitar saddles, pins and nuts. (FMI) is ivory from the ancient wooly mammoth that roamed the earth in ages past. Found today in the great north, we purchase FMI from Canada, Alaska and Siberia in tusk form.

We place a preference on cutting the densest FMI for your guitar parts because we know the acoustic properties are more important to you than the color.

Let's keep this real simple. There are 3 size nuts for guitars:

1) 1/8" Thick Nut Blanks for Fender Guitars.

2) Small Standard Nut Blanks. These are slightly less than 1/4" thick and are for Gibson, Taylor and many other Guitars.

3) Large Standard Nut Blanks. These will finish at 1/4" thickness and are for Martin Guitars and many others.

If you are uncertain if you need a small or a large then you should get a large as it will work for either one.

On our main page you will also see categories showing shaped " Ready-Nut Blanks " as well as oversize blanks. No FMI sales to NY, NJ, IL, CA , NV or HI.

1/8" Fender® Style Fossil Ivory Nut Blank

Fossil mammoth ivory Fender® size nut blank.

1/8" X .375" X 2.0" (3.2 mm X 10 mm X 51 mm).

Part # Price Purchase
FMIFENNBL/1082 $ 20.00

Small Standard Fossil Ivory Nut Blank 1/4" -

Small Standard fossil ivory nut blank for guitars, mandolins, basses and banjos.

.225" X .440" X 2.0" (5.7 mm X 11.1 mm X 51 mm).

Ancient fossil mammoth ivory nut blank to fit Gibson®, Taylor® and other style guitars, mandolins, basses and banjos where a nut that is slightly smaller than 1/4" thick is required. Click on photo for important size info.

Part # Price Purchase
FMI/SNBL/1080 $ 29.95

Large Standard Fossil Mammoth Ivory Nut Blank 1/4" +

Large Standard size fossil mammoth ivory nut blank.

1/4" X .440" X 2.0" (6.4 mm X 11.1 mm X 51mm).

To fit Martin® and other guitars requiring a 1/4" thick nut. This is also a one size fits all type nut blank. It is large enough to fit all standard makes and models. If you need this blank a little longer by a few mm for a classical guitar then purchase this blank and email us at and let us know what length you need and we will accommodate if your request is reasonable.

Part # Price Purchase
FMI/LNBL/1081 $ 29.95